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     “NOTS” LLC mobile house manufactory division launched its first activity in 2009 and constructs high quality housing products by reasonable price guided by adjustable marketing price policy to meet variable customer’s housing demands in timely manner. Highly experienced working team is ready to cooperate and serve you. Mobile house and containers can be utilized for mining, camping, workers housing needs, toilet and latrines, wash and bath facilities and as offices.   
Our strengths:
      -          Modern and advanced technology

-          Highly specialized human resource

-          All operational procedures performed upon planned schematic drawing.

-          Comprehensive cargo and shipment package

-          The main service object or containers are to be funded and provided by NOTS LLC


Products advantages:

-          Easy to ship and transport and in durable

-          Soundproof and vibration isolated

-          Warm for winter and cool for summer

-          Long-term consumption

-          High air oxygenation

-          Healthy, nature and environmentally friendly 

-          Resilient and comfortable


  •  Оffice
  •  Private housing and summer camps
  •  Camp or wilderness area cottage facilities
  •  Security and safeguard points
  •  Storage and wholesale end points
  •  Toilet and sanitation facilities
  •  Camping facilities
  •  Operational site and venue

Expected service:

  • Heating system
  • Floor heating system 
  • Solar energy electrical power  
  • Hot cold water, boiler system and water storage containers
  • Showers, toilet tanks and sinks
  • Internal and inner accommodative design    
  • Internet connection, TV and cable
  • Sewage connection


Bonus service:

  • Load and upload of containers
  • Sale dependant intra-city freight distribution 
  • Door window and water fitting supply
  • Outside lightening
  • Decorative bands for free